Top 5 Relaxing destinations


1) Bali Island, Indonesia

Relax in a comfortable Spa of Nusa Dua or Ubud, skipping the crowd cities full of noisy motorcycles there are on the way. In Bali you will find the peace of mind brought by the Buddhists and the calm tropical scenery for a perfect relaxation or even for a meditation.

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2) Grandavik ( Blue Lagoon ), Iceland

Iceland is a green, shadowy and unoccupied island and one of the most peaceful places on earth. The Blue Lagoon is a natural warm water pool in a beautiful rustic landscape where you may relax for hours, leaving all your anxieties apart. We do recommend.

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3) Varadero, Cuba

Cuba is a bit “tropical caliente”, but when you enter one of the tourist resorts in Varadero everything you need is a big ombrellone on the beach. Ask for some tropical drinks and eat some fresh fishes. You may desire to be there for ever.

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4) Baden Baden, Germany

Very well educated people and functional facilities in the german way. Everything works perfectly . Go for a thermal bath or a walk into the park. No rush. In the evening take a good glass of a good  Riesling and try the local refined cuisine.

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5) Canouan Island, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Central America

Best island in the Caribbean. Few people, luxury resorts and a true beach paradise. The Waters have a light Green crystal color, Very impressive. Relax in a Spa and forget all your problems.

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