Top 5 Island destinations


1) Bora Bora, French Polynesia

The dream like blue paradise of Bora Bora is simply perfect. A must for travellers !  The over the water bungalows Hotels are all expensive but they are a unique and worth experience. No words will ever explain the beauty and no images could substitute the live experience in such a place. Strongly recommended

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2) Praslin Island, Seychelles, Africa

Isolated in the middle of the Indian Ocean, this island is a natural beauty paradise, but still unknown to the majority of travellers. The most beautiful beach in the world ( Anse Lazio )  stands right here. Unspoiled perfect summer destination.

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3) Full Moon Island, Maldives, Asia

As one of the main touristic destinations in the Indian ocean, these sand bank islands are calm and beautiful. There are many islands and many hotel options for every budget. Staying in a top over-the-water bungalow hotel can be a very pleasant, but expensive experience.

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4) Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, South America

Exotic! Very isolated in every aspect. Almost no humans, but there are lots of strange animals .Not the kind of blue waters  and palm trees paradise, but plenty of interesting exotic aspects. There is almost no tourism infrastructure so the islands are itself an adventure spot.

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5) Menorca Island, Spain

Best island in Europe for a family travel. Not crowded, nice resorts and a true beach paradise. The Waters have a turquoise crystal color which is impressive. Visit the Calas and jump from the rocks. Leave some time for some tapas and good wines.  We do recommend.

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