Top 5 Exotic food destinations


1) Bedouine´s Bread in Sinai Peninsula, Egypt

Forget everything you might think about bread. This is the world´s best bread with justice as bread itself was developed around this region. You may find yourself eating them for half an hour without any garnish. At the end you still want more. It is a true heavenly food. Strongly recommended!

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2) Katchapuri in Tblisi, Georgia

It is the national dish of Georgia. A round dough made with yogurt and local cheese that may also have other ingredients. It resembles regional dishes from Turkey and other neighbors, all of them sharing the origins of contemporary pizza.  It is simple and delicious !

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3) Choclo in Lima, Peru

Choclo is a corn variety from Peru. Actually there are thousands of corn species in the Andes. The Peruvian Choclo way of preparing is simply boiling in salt water. That’s it. So simple, so natural and so tasty.  It´s easy to love it.

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4) White Truffles in Alba, Italy

Apart from the other above, this is a delicate fancy dish. The white truffle is delicious, rare and expensive, being found only in a few places on earth. The world capital of this delicacy is the city of Alba in Italy where there is a festival in November. The intense aroma brought by simple tiny slices of it can turn a regular pasta dish into something new and exotic. Everyone shout try it.

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5) Wild Beluga Caviar in Baku, Azerbaijan

Unfortunately it is now forbidden. The gold priced roes from the Beluga Sturgeon are now under protection, due to risk of the fish extinction. The Caspian Sea is one of the last refuges and the fish is now being farmed in many countries, but the real taste of the wild Beluga roes may be lost forever. The last place we got to find it was in Baku,Azerbaijan, in 2012.

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