Top 5 Castles and palaces


1) Forbidden city, Beijing, China

It may be the world´s most visited historic place. It includes several palaces and paths that were once not accessible to the normal citizens. It´s a must go !

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2) Registan, Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Beautiful, sumptuous and unforgettable. The city of Samarkand, once conquered by Alexander the Great, destroyed by Genghis Khan and visited by Marco Polo, reached its glory during the 14th century Silk Road period.  The Registan Square ensemble holds three of the world´s most magnificent buildings.

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3) Hagia Sofia, Istanbul, Turkey

Once a church built during the Eastern Roman Empire, the 1500 years building became a Mosque and now is a kind of monument in the heart of Istanbul ( and not exactly a Palace ).  Its imposing  huge construction is scientifically admirable even for modern standards. it has survived many wars and earthquakes throughout the years. Amazing place.

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4) Angkor Wat

The lost Khmer Empire produced a vast amount of stone palaces and water system complexes, that dominated the Cambodan forests. The reasons for its decline in still uncertain.  Agkor Wat is mysterious and enigmatic. Definitely worth a visit.

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5) Schönbrunn, Vienna, Austria

This royal palace has the world´s most beautiful gardens ever. The buildings match the trees and the flowers so perfectly that makes you feel inside a fairy tale. Excellent for a romantic photo set.

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