Top 5 Adventure destinations


1) Hawaii, USA

These islands have everything. Surfing big waves, active volcanoes, waterfalls, mountain trails and much more. It´s a huge natural adventure park and as it is USA, it´s also very safe and well structured for tourists. Check the right seasons. Big wave lovers prefer the winter while the snorkelers search for summertime calm waters. Our top choice.

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2) New Zealand

The NZ South Island is considered the world capital of radical sports. It is the place where Bungee Jump and its varieties were invented. The landscape is always amazing here. Adventure traveler rush from every corner of the planet to join.

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3) Brazil

Brazil is a big country with many faces.  There are huge forests, long beaches, canyons trails and completely unspoiled spots. The Iguassu falls and the Amazon are unique places on earth.  Brazil is actually our homeland and despite some security problems, it is one of the world´s best adventure destinations.

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4) South Africa

Africa is the land of the safaris. In South Africa you may also experience lots of marine life adventure, like diving with white sharks or seeing huge whales from the sea coast. Be aware of some conflict zones.

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5) Switzerland

The winter sports paradise could not be forgotten. Top place for skiing and other snow pleasing sports, Switzerland is very well prepared for the matter. The mountains and lakes landscape also deserve a stop, at least to stare at them.

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