Top 5 Accessible active volcanoes


1) Kilauea, Hawaii Big Island, Oceania

Calm and erupting for almost half a century continuously . You can literally step inside the crater and watch the magma running from a hand reaching distance. Amazing place and worth the trip !

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2) The Etna, Sicily, Italy

Safe to watch from the charming city of Taormina.  Or, you can drive up the mountain and take a walk to see live small eruptions sometimes, however they are generally explosive and dangerous, so caution is required.

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3) Poas Volcano, Costa Rica

This is a nice scenery for a peaceful, but active Volcano. Easy driving from the capital city of San José until the top of the hill where there is a watching spot for tourists. You may see some small activities.

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4) The Vesuvius, Naples, Italy.

This is a tricky one. It has buried important Roman Empire cities past, including Pompeii. The activity occurs in every couple of decades being generally very explosive. You can drive up to the middle and park the car. Then take a walk to the top. ( Which we didn´t )

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5) Mount Fuji, Hokkaido, Japan

The iconic Japanese portrait is an active volcano that´s been sleeping for over 300 years.  A 2-hour drive from Tokyo is quite easy . You can drive up half the way to the top leave the car and  then walk to the top . It is also a beautiful location.

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