10 reasons why people travel for leisure


10 reasons why people travel for leisure – There are several reasons for travelling and they may change depending on your age, your cultural level, your budget, the seasons, etc. The top world travelers generally have more than one of these targets. What is yours?


1) Natural Beauty

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One of the favorites travel choices. People love to see different sceneries worldwide and the simple change of atmosphere surrounding us may be regarded as a target itself. This includes places such as beaches and islands, mountains, fields, forests, gardens or other nice landscapes that deserve our live experience. There’s a vast number of beautiful places in our planet that you may not even know about yet.  Check our suggestions:

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2) History and Culture

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Probably the main reason that attracts travelers to distant and inaccessible places. There is the exotic, but also the cosmopolitan places to search for, such as a big city reputed  Museum. The main destinations include archeological sites, monuments, castles, museums, battle fields, palaces or famous people homes. The Eifel Tower and the Egypt pyramids are among the world´s most visited attractions. See some tips:

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3) Romance


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A special celebration is a reason that has led many couples round the world to spend out of reaching budgets to make a nice travel, all in the name of love. No obstacles will ever stop lovers from getting perfect romantic times, even if this is only for a few nights. Weddings and Honeymoons are the mains stream, but sometimes a simple escape from home routine may become a good reason for a romance travel.  We have special places to show:

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4) Gastronomy


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Food can be delicious and special gourmet dishes might even be addicting. A trip through exotic flavors and perfumes , more than simply escaping from ordinary everyday meals, it has the power of renewing our spirits. Gastronomic travel may be only a trial for strange dishes or ingredients in some other country, but also it can reach the point of art appreciation, when you experience the magic creations of a world top- starred chef.  In this case, inevitably expensive. Check some good tips;

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5) Sports and Adventure



Adventure travel is one of the top growing themes of travellers. Not even existing a few decades ago, this kind of trip generally requires group tours to be managed. Adventurers travel round the globe seeking for mountains, beaches, rivers, forests or maybe even volcano eruptions, between other geographic relevant spots, only to explore the nature in different and more radical ways. See below:

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6) Glamour



People sometimes have the dream of living the glorious lives of the rich and famous celebrities. The feeling of being observed apart from the ordinary crowd may even be a true glamorous moment. Some people aim expensive fashionable shops and iconic brand items to attend special events and places, to see other people and to be seen, taking it as a way of life. For many others it may be a one-time life experience.  See some nice suggestions:

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7) Entertainment / Amusement



From Disneyland parks to a Football game or a rock show evening, entertainment means pure pleasure. There is no age, sex, religion or social class barrier, to distinguish us when the point is simply being happy. People laugh sing and dance and in some cases, feel like a child. Travellers may group a whole big family to attend a week long journey in thematic park complexes, throughout the world.

8) Relaxing / Health


Maldivas (atols) FFZ swim

Who has never thought about taking two weeks of simply resting? Sleeping on a hammock, in a desert Island is a must ! Job stressing executives would even seek for peace, as medical prescription, and there are several luxury spa´s all over the world , making it a big wave. Check our tips:

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9) Meeting new people



New places, new cultures, new faces. There are quite a lot of people today travelling long distances looking for meeting new people, some doing it just for fun, and others seeking for long-term relationship. The search for the perfect mate may require several thousand miles trips and dozens of attempts. Ethnic diversity, beauty, freedom, informality and any big crowded events are among the reasons for these travellers to be on the road.

10) Others



Religion pilgrimage, photography, science, collections or simply buying objects may all be a good reason for travelling the world. What is yours ?

(The photo above was taken at some of the 100,000 crosses standing on the enigmatic Hill of Crosses in Lithuania)

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10 reasons why people travel for leisure
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