World´s Top Luxury 5-Star Hotels

1) George V (Four Seasons) , Paris, France    

Perfect ! Classy and super glamorous. The exquisite furniture and the stunning beautiful Art-Déco architecture is present everywhere, while the countless work of art is perfectly matching the environment. All the rest is in the hands of the Four Seasons administration and its super high standard services. This is our world´s favourite hotel and the place we like to stay in Paris, during special occasions. Despite the high prices it´s worth to spend some nights to make you feel like a celeb.   (From US$ 1,150/night)

top luxury hotels george V paris

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2) Cheval Blanc, Courchevel, France   

Relaxing atmosphere mixed with luxury. This is the best ever Alps Chalet Hotel. The suites are fancy and equipped with the ultimate technological appliance .And it was big enough to fit the four of us. The staff meets every demands with precision and refinement. We loved the Ski trail at our door as well as the most beautiful indoor pool ever!  Chef Yannick Alléno runs a 3-star restaurant inside this Hotel. The cons: Super high  prices reaching US$ 2,5 k minimum per night in the peak season.  (From US$ 1,800/night)

top luxury hotels chevau blanc france

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3) The St. Regis Resort,  Maldives  

Huge luxury bungalows in paradise. The Hotel stands in a perfect location over living coral and shallow blue waters. The brand-new modern facilities and the stunning architecture add even more glory. The St. Regis standards are the highest within Marriotts administration. The staff, including our butler, were super helpful and well prepared.  We chose a gorgeous 285 sq mt overwater bungalow with a swimming pool.  The cons? Super stratospheric prices that may easily lead your 5 day stay to some US$ 20 k .   (Overwater bungallows from US$ 2,500/night )

top luxury hotels Regis Maldives

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4) The Dorchester, London, UK  

The best hotel in London.  A very traditional hotel with nice and comfortable accommodations. The iconic building is very well located in central London, facing the Hyde Park (though our room was not ). The hotel is also home for Alain Ducasse´s triple starred restaurant in town . Don´t worry if you don´t drive an Aston Martin or a Ferrari, as there are lots of them in the park lots to be appreciated.   (From US$ 900/night)

top luxury hotels dorchester london

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5) Mandarin Oriental Canouan, St Vincent & Grenadines  

The hotel occupies half of the pristine Island of Canouan and it offers individual small electric vehicles for the guests, to better enjoy the place. This property, originally operating under Raffles brand, is the best hotel in all South Caribbean. Only a few people live in this island, making it a perfect beach hideaway. We opted for the huge bungalow style houses over the hills.  All rooms were very spacious and finely furnished.  (From US$ 1300/night)

top luxury hotels Mandarin Oriental Canouan St Vincent & Grenadines

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6) Hôtel de Bergues (Four Seasons)  Genève, Switzerland  

This 1829 Hotel was the first “Grand Hotel” built in the city of Geneva. The lake front building stands in one of the most expensive addresses on the planet. Among its famous guests we can quote Kings from England, Austria, Russia, Germany and Denmark. It is super classy and luxurious in every detail.  Our suite was spacious but not high enough for a panoramic view of Lake Lamans.  (From US$ 800/night)

top luxury hotels Hôtel de Bergues

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7) Plaza Athénée, Paris, France   

Another iconic hotel in Paris, along with the Ritz, the George V and Prince de Galles.  It is charming and sumptuous enough to attract celebs from every corner of the world. The huge suites ( we were in a party of four ) are something to be remembered for a lifetime. The lobby architecture is also remarkable, specially the restaurants, where some visitors sometimes come to eat, but many of them pass by only to take selfie pictures.    (From US$ 1150/night)

top luxury hotels Plaza Athénée Paris France

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8) Brenners Park-Hotel and Spa , Baden Baden, Germany    

Everything works in German perfection. Discrete but very luxury, this hotel has the best breakfast ever. It`s an address for the jet-set elite who seek for a sanctuary in the Black Forest, away from the chaos. There are strict dressing codes for some parts of this hotel and people are enjoying the summer, walking through  its extensive gardens , in casual dresses and fashionable hats.  Amazing atmosphere!  (From US$ 800/night)

Brenners Park Baden Baden Germany

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9) Hôtel Hermitage (LHW), Monaco     

In the heart of Monaco overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, the Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo boasts a fine collection of luxury rooms  with the Belle-Époque spirit, for a sense of the Monaco dream. This hotel is actually classified as a Monument. The oval glass dome and the lobby (designed by Gustave Eiffel) are magnificent.  We stayed in a nice suite overlooking the sea.  (From US$ 600/night  in season)

Hôtel Hermitage Monaco

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10) Le Méridien Bora Bora, French Polynesia     

This emblematic hotel was one of the world´s first “overwater bungalows” standing over a “Motu” (reef islet formed by coral ). Actually its location is unique. We were there many years ago, and we got astonished watching how such a refined architecture and a 5-star infrastructure could be settled over a lagoon.  And no words would ever explain the nature´s beauty that surrounded us.  (From US$ 660/night)

top luxury hotels Le Méridien Bora Bora French Polynesia

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11) Armani Hotel, Dubai, U.A.Emirates   

It is the only Hotel inside the sky high Burj Khalifa building in Dubai. Very modern finishing and refined furniture composes the luxury environment seen everywhere, from the moment you get into the hotel lobby. The rooms are also equipped with top level amenities and all our picky demands were promptly attended by the super helpful staff.  One of the best breakfasts we´ve ever had was right here. It´s a pity we have only stayed for one single night.   (From US$ 550/night)

top luxury hotels Armani Hotel Dubai UA Emirates

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12) Prince de Galles, (Luxury Collection) Paris, France     

For over 90 years, this iconic address in George V Avenue has counted among its guests Winston Churchill, Marlene Dietrich and Elvis Presley. Recently, the hotel underwent a complete restyling, during the Marriott group acquisition period. The building shares the same superb Art Déco architecture as the neighbouring George V (both were constructed in 1928).  We´ve stayed in the charming Mosaic room.  (From US$ 900/night)

top luxury hotels Prince de Galles Paris France

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13) Four Seasons Marrakech, Morocco     

It is a beautiful Moorish style modern edification a little bit away from the city walls.( this was the main reason we chose it ) The complex is surrounded by pools and beautiful gardens of palm and date trees, bringing in an ultra-glamorous version of North Africa.  The suites all have huge balconies with beautiful  views.  The restaurants and the hotel staff are extremely well trained.    (From US$ 500/night)

top luxury hotels Four Seasons Marrakech Morocco

Our room balcony

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14) Lido Palace (LHW) , Lido del Garda, Italy   

Lake Garda is the most beautiful Lake in Italy and Lido Palace is the most luxury hotel in the region. A typical lake border Italian Palace that has had a total interior renovation, making it a perfect mix between the classic and the modern. We had breathtaking lake & garden views from our balcony and outside the restaurant huge glass windows. Wonderful place!    (From US$ 600/night)

top luxury hotels Lido Palace Lido del Garda Italy

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15) Althof Seehotel Überfahrt, Tegernsee, Germany  

Best hotel in all Bavaria. German style perfect services and the world´s best restaurant (in our opinion), altogether in a dreamlike lake border.  The rich German jet-set spends holidays in this elegant place.  We always come to stay in this hotel during the wintertime.  The Überfahrt restaurant is a chapter apart.  A jewel still not popular outside Germany.  (From US$ 400/night – off season )

top luxury hotels Althof Seehotel Überfahrt Tegernsee Germany

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16) The St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort, Miami, USA   

This stunning beachfront address in Bal Harbour is the most expensive chain-hotel in Miami. The standard room we spent some days in was huge and elegant with a frontal and wide beach view. All the swimming pools and beach infrastructure makes you feel like in a Caribbean resort, more than in a cosmopolitan Miami. The hotel lobby needs some renovation, though.   (From US$ 700/night)

top luxury hotels St. Regis Bal Harbour Miami USA

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17) The Retreat – Blue Lagoon, Grindavik  Iceland    

This is an extraordinary experience. A luxury hotel inside a geothermal volcanic blue lagoon in the heart of Iceland.  In order to meet the surrounding nature, the hotel only uses wood-glass-stones finishing, all well designed in Scandinavian minimalist style. We love this architecture  “A timeless unique sophistication”  We felt like living in a fictional 5-star facility in some other planet. Amazing place!  It´s a pity it is so expensive.   (From US$ 1340/night)

top luxury hotels Blue Lagoon Iceland

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18) Four Seasons  Beirut, Lebanon      

The best hotel in whole Lebanon is modern and functional, with a touch of glamour. Big glass windows and spacious balcony facing the famous Beirut Corniche. From the rooftop swimming pool club (Nice!) we have enjoyed a panoramic view of Beirut. Nothing to worry about as the staff will know exactly what you want and promptly get it for you. The luxury suites are spacious enough for the Sultans.    (From US$ 450/night)

top luxury hotels Four Seasons Beirut Lebanon

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19) The Ritz Carlton Almaty , Kazakhstan  

The Best Hotel in all Kazakhstan.  Almaty has a bit of European look in Central Asia and the city is undergoing many transformations. The Ritz Carlton stands inside the all-new Esentai Tower, a contemporary architecture building with high-end luxury facilities. The hotel is truly outstanding, but the mountain views from our room will always be our first memory.    (Suites from US$ 480/night)

top luxury hotels the Ritz Carlton Almaty Kazakhstan

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20) Georges Blanc Parc & Spa ( Relais & Chateaux) , Vonnas, France  

A charming luxury Spa Hotel in the Rhône-Alps region, on the way between Paris and Geneva.  The hotel got its fame for its remarkable Michelin triple star restaurant and the famous Vollaie de Bresse. On the reception room walls, you may have some fun looking at famous guests portraits, from US presidents to Hollywood actresses. The place is a must!  We have made several stops at Georges Blanc whenever we were driving between France and Switzerland.   (From US$ 400/night)

top luxury hotels Georges Blanc Vonnas France

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21) The Ritz Carlton St Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands  

By far this was the most luxury hotel in all US Virgin Islands. The property is settled in a perfect location, over a small hill facing a beautiful and calm bay. The beach and the pool were awesome, especially for water sports and activities. It seems that this hotel has been sold recently.   (From US$ 600/night)

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22) Four Seasons San Francisco, USA

The FS along with the St Regis and the Fairmont, they are in constant competition to be the best hotel in town.  The Four Seasons is conveniently settled in Union Square, in the heart of San Francisco  A modern building, very functional and cozy, that served us as a sophisticated home away from home.  We liked the new shades of grey and blue fresh decoration of our room. Also the Health Club and the swimming pool were fantastic. (From US$ 520 / night)

top luxury hotels Four Seasons San Francisco

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23Intercontinental Fiji,Golf, Resort & Spa, Fiji Islands

Nestled amongst 35 acres of tropical gardens it´s the best hotel in Fiji’s main island (Viti Levu).  This ocean-front property stands in Natadola Beach, which was voted one of the best beaches in the world.  But we also tried some of the resort´s swimming pools.  Our 90 Sq. meters Suite, besides large, it was trendy and comfortably facing the sea. Check our pics!   (Ocean-front rooms from US$ 410 / night)

top luxury hotels Intercontinental Fiji

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24) Fairmont Kyev, Ukraine  

The best hotel in Ukraine is also the most beautiful.  An imposing building facing Dnieper River, regarded as an architecture landmark in town. The stunning Grand Ballroom as well as all the furniture in our room, they keep the beautiful Belle-Époque style. A bit of Paris in Eastern Europe.  The hotel main restaurant was one of the best in town, we must say.   (From US$ 400/night)

top luxury hotels Fairmont Kyev Ukraine

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25) Grand Hotel San Pietro, Taormina, Sicily, Italy   

This former Relais & Chateaux member is a classic Italian Mediterranean coast Hotel.  It stands over a hill facing the deep blue ocean ahead. Very charming and cozy with different sections spread over the slopes, with picturesque views. All around a luxuriant Mediterranean garden. The food was also superb. In one nigh we could hear the amazing roars of Mount Etna, echoing in the distance.  (From US$ 700/night in season)

top luxury hotels San Pietro Taormina Sicily Italy

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26) Four Seasons Hong Kong, China    

Once again with Four Seasons (that really deserves the label of the world´s best luxury hotel chain.)  This property is the best hotel in Hong Kong, what is not an easy task as there is a bunch of high-end luxury hotels competing for the best place. The renowned Chef Lung King Heen restaurant is conveniently settled inside the Four Seasons.  We had a dazzling panoramic view from our  50th floor room.   (From US$ 600/night)

top luxury hotels Four Seasons Hong Kong China

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27) Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik, Croatia   

Probably the world´s best existing Hilton Hotel. ( Clearly Hilton group is decreasing it´s past glorious standard year after year). Built to match the a majestic Dubrovnik old town landscape, this hotel offers a unique adventure to tread the golden footprints of the mid-history and experience the comfort of modern-day luxuries. Excellent hotel!   (From US$ 500/night)

top luxury hotels Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik Croatia

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28) Four Seasons Miami, USA   

The huge building in Brickel Ave. used to be the city´s tallest.  The address is perfect for a cosmopolitan Miami experience.  The stunning architecture details inside and outside follows the Four Seasons luxury spirit, but after a recent remodeling, the new clear furniture is not standing at the same level as the older one, in our opinion. The rooftop swimming pool is probably the best in Downtown Miami. Check our pictures.   (From US$ 480/night)

top luxury hotels Four Seasons Miami

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29) Marriott Resort at Momi Bay, Fiji Islands

This Resort has its own lagoon with overwater bungalows and beach cottages, in Polynesian styles. It’s a large property with many attractions and activities during day and night, connected by electric buggies. The hotel services were perfect, including the buffet breakfast with countless options. We will miss the happy and friendly staff shouting “bula!” every time we crossed each way. (From US$ 380 / night)

Marriott Fiji Resort

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30) Mandarin Oriental Barcelona, Spain   

This brand originally from Hong Kong is one of the world’s best.  The Barcelona unit stands in the iconic Barcelona Passeig the Gracia. It is a modern and functional facility with a discrete and elegant luxury. (We thought the room could be a bit larger to meet all the rest. We needed to split the family in two rooms),  We have had some fun watching some local famous guests hanging around.   (From US$ 500/night)

top luxury hotels Mandarin Oriental Barcelona Spain

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31) Splendide Royal Lugano (LHW) , Switzerland   

Cosmopolitan and classy, this lake front property shows a good balance between the past and the future, reflected in the Hotel’s legendary hospitality.  Since the beginning in 1902, this hotel has attracted the rich and famous, such as George Bush, Stravinsky, Ella Fitzgerald and Sophia Loren.  We´ve had the best Lugano experience with beautiful lake views from our balcony. The hotel main restaurant is also excellent.   (From US$ 640/night)

top luxury hotels Splendide Royal Lugano

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32) La Coquillade Village, Gargas, France 

Located in Gargas, in Luberon Region, this hotel can accomodate guests in the peace, tranquillity and perfumed lavender fields of Provence like no other. We have stayed in a stylish double storey suite during one summer weekend. The luxurious five-star spa resort entertained us with chic dining and luxuty treats. The views through the dry clean Provençal air of the gardens are stunning.   ( Standard rooms from US$ 430/night)

Hotel La Coquillade Village

2nd floor

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33) Palácio Tangará, São Paulo, Brazil  (LHW)

This French palace architecture hotel is nestled inside a small park in São Paulo. It may be the best hotel in town. mainly for its casual luxury atmosphere, instead of the usual business high-tower hotel style you will find everywhere around the city. Our suite was finely decorated, including some nice carved boiserie. The Michelin starred restaurant Jean Georges was also excellent. ( Suites from US$ 570/night)

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34) Fairmont Banff, Canada   

A sophisticated way to enjoy the Canadian Rockies. The beautiful huge stone blocks mountain chalet is probably the best hotel in the region along with the other Fairmont Hotel in Lake Louise ( Also in our pictures below ).  After the Accor Group acquisition, the hotel made some nice furniture upgrades. ( It´s a pity we have stayed before that).   (From US$ 420/night)

top luxury hotels Fairmont Banff Canada

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35) The Water Garden, Sigiriya, Sri Lanka   

This property is maybe the best Hotel in the whole Sri Lanka. Despite the country has many overpriced hotels, this one is a true gem in the middle of nature, and surrounded by lakes. (Chek our pictures below). The two storey bungalow with a swimming pool we have stayed was fantastic, enough to cause us a better impression about Sri Lanka. We wish to come back.   (From US$ 450/night)

top luxury hotels The Water Garden Sigiriya Sri Lanka

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36) Grand Hotel Des Bains Kempinski St. Moritz, Switzerland     

A luxury 5 star gateway to St Moritz located at an altitude of 1886m. The hotel  cosmopolitan ambience is perfect for summer or winter and the Spa is one of Switzerland´s best. We only spent a few nights during the summer. We wish to come back in the winter.   (From US$ 550/night)

top luxury hotels Kempinski St Moritz

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37) Fasano Hotel Rio, Brazil     

The best hotel in town, New facilities, excellent views and a good restaurant. The best part is the rooftop swimming pool from where the guests may enjoy the perfect Ipanema Beach sunsets during the summer.  And where you may be seated side by side with Bonno Vox or the Queen of Qatar. Although we live in Rio, we have once spent one summer weekend at the Fasano.  Nice place!  (From US$ 400/night)

top luxury hotels Fasano Hotel Rio Brazil

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Disclaimer: Our opinions are based in our own real experience through 146 countries, without any commercial purpose and it may be different from common hotel advertising websites, who earn money for that.

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