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About The World Travelling Family

We travel the world in luxury. We are always searching for new spots and special events round the globe over the past 20 years. My husband, my sons and I , we have visited 115 independent countries  plus some overseas territories ( Such as Tahiti,  Easter Island, Fench Antilles and Galapagos Is.). We have then reached 146 world territories so farBrazil is our home land.

We always travel in comfort and never backpacking.  We pick the world´s top ranked 5-star Hotels, the world´s top Air Companies cabins, the world´s top 3-star Restaurants and the world´s top luxury Cars, to better enjoy whatever each destination has to offer.  And we love to share all these experiences, giving our followers valuable informations.

Omnimundi is a brand created by our Travelling Family only to share  travel experiences.   We have recently applied for a family travel world record on the  Guiness Book of Records. 

The Guinness Book  hasn´t yet recognized our World Record as they don´t carry this category (Traveller groups) what makes it difficult to check and to compare all the informations they have asked from us since then.  In 2019 Omnimundi Family is going for 149 countries visited, and still waiting for the official World Record recognition.

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