1 – Pacific Islands: Samoa, Fiji and Vanuatu

The Pacific Ocean Islands are a perfect spot for relaxing. Samoa is the most beautiful, Vanuatu the most exotic and Fiji the happiest. Nature rules here with almost no human interference, leaving for us all pristine beaches and crystal clear waterfalls. We already miss the wonderful people.

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2 – St. Regis Resort Maldives

Maldives is the closest anyone can get to paradise on Earth.  This time we stayed in a 285 sq mt overwater bungalow at the awsome super luxury St. Regis Resort.  The property stands at the very high-end of luxury hotels in the Maldives. We chose February, the least rainy month in the season, when the water gets even more clear. We have also made some nice takes from a Drone.

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3 – The Himalayas and Mt. Everest (Bhutan & Nepal)

In this trip we explored the countries of Bhutan and Nepal, both in the Himalayas mountain range. Bhutan is an interesting culture isolated country and Nepal is the starting point for visiting Mount Everest, the world´s highest mountain . We rented  a private helicopter for this extreme adventure.

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4 – Grenada Island with a Drone

Grenada  is a quite and peaceful Caribbean country. No rush, no crowds and no trendy places. You can enjoy the beaches and nature in a more authentic Caribbean way.  There are a few nice hotels, such as the Kalabash and the Radisson, all in the southern part of the Island . We made this movie at Grand Anse Beach  using a Mavic Pro Drone, catching the nice blue sky and the turquoise sea, in a perfect day.

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5 – Rio de Janeiro – Party Time!

Rio de Janeiro is our hometown.  This is a party celebration at home in summertime, with the special participation of the Italian band Double You. (We actually had to bring them from Italy to Rio, some days before)  We also captured some nice scenes of Rio from above, to show some of the beaches, early in the same day. In order: Copacabana, Urca (Sugar Loaf mountain) , Ipanema, São Conrado and Barra da Tijuca.

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6 – Sardinian Beaches ( Cala Luna & Cala Liberotto )

Sardinia is such a wonderful summer destination. Nice beaches, nice people and nice food. The rugged island is a bit wild comparing to Italy mainland, but the northeast part – remarkably Porto Cervo – homes high-end luxury hotels. This attracts the rich and famous people from around the world, every single year. We made some beach scenes using a drone.

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7 – Central Asia ( Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan & Kyrgyzstan )

Conquered by Alexander the Great, destroyed by Genghis Khan ad visited by Marco Polo, the City of Samarkand in Uzbekistan got its greatest glory during the XV century Silk Route period. It is one of the jewels of Central Asia. In this travel we tracked the ancient roads between Europe and China visiting three beautiful countries.

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8 – Courchevel – Cheval Blanc Ski Resort

This video was made during the wintertime in the luxury hotel Cheval Blanc in Courchevel, The city is the world´s #1 city for skiing tourism (in every aspect). People from the whole world gather in this tiny French Alps village during the high season. Many of them stay here only to see celebrities, or to be seen. Many others are looking for fancy restaurants and expensive shops. Yes, some of them ski ! This is a very expensive destination, but it is worth a visit.

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9 – Turks and Caicos Islands (By Drone)

Vídeos made at the Leading Hotels of the World Grace Bay Club,  on Providenciales Island, using a Mavic Pro Drone. The Turks and Caicos Islands, or TCI for short, are a British Overseas Territory  in the Lucayan Archipelago of the Atlantic Ocean and northern West Indies. They are known primarily for tourism, with travellers looking for its luxury resorts and the turquoise waters beaches.

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10 – Driving a Ferrari in Italy

Ferrari is an expensive toy and also a boys dream. The famous Italian red car brand can be found worldwide, but in Italy you can easily rent one and discover the pleasure of driving a fast top race car. The experience is fantastic and you can´t get enough. Ferrari has a long tradition as a car maker and as a race team. For the true lovers there is even a Museum in the city of Maranello, where tourists may see lots of vintage and recent models.

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11 – Weekend in Bray, UK 

We´ve enjoyed a nice weekend in Bray, driving a  fast Porsche 911 S and eating at the Michelin 3-star  restaurant, the Waterside Inn . The city of Bray in the UK is a pretty riverside parish with a three-mile frontage on the River Thames between Maidenhead and Windsor. Bray has become a very popular stopping place for visitors as it features a wealth of cottages and houses,  luxury riverbank properties and the best restaurants in Britain, two of them carrying 3 Michelin stars.

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12 – A380 First Class Cabin from Hong Kong

We have tried the new A380 airplane, but this time in the first class cabin. The service was close to perfection, especially the caviar and the wines. The nice bed and the comfort items brings in the feeling of sleeping a night at a 5-star hotel. Actually we even spent some night time lying on the same bed. (Wow!) We flew from Hong Kong to Munich in the best european air company, Lufthansa, for about eleven hours.  A really nice experience.   The Airbus A380 is a double-deck, the world’s largest passenger airliner.

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13 – The Kawasan Waterfalls in Philippines

Kawasan Waterfalls is a must between adventure travellers. It is best known for its unique turquoise water color, which is truly amazing . We took a 4-hour car drive form Mactan Island, to this remote location in Cebu Island and we have spent a whole Sunday. The videos also feature some scenes at the Shangri-La Resort  in Mactan island. We made our flight in to Mactan island from Manila, the Philippines capital.  The Philippines is a sovereign state and island country in Southeast Asia.
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14 – World´s Best 20 Beaches

We picked  the best beaches in the world ,from a total of 75 Islands and over 100 beach destinations we´ve been to. The highlights are located on the seashores of the Indic Ocean;  the Caribbean Sea;  the Pacific Ocean;  the Tyrrhenian Sea;  the Red Sea  and  the Mediterranean Sea,  For us, the Seychelles Islands hold the top one position. The beach in Sedir Island, ( Also known as Cleopatra Island )  in Turkey is now restricted and visitors are prohibited to step on its unique spheric grain sands.

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15 – Top 30 World´s Best Michelin-starred Restaurants

Our trips around the world bring us the opportunity of knowing the world´s best restaurants. We mainly follow the very reliable “Guide Michelin– a world refference guide of restaurants- as well as “The World´s 50 Best Restaurats”  List.  Germany holds the number one, in our opinion.

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16 – Five Travel Experiences We Can´t  Have Anymore

There are some places and some technologies that doesn´t exist anymore. Some of them can´t be replaced and some still haven´t a substitute. The Concorde aircraft is an example, as there are no supersonic commercial planes flying anymore ore even being produced . We want to share some of the experiences we had.

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17 – Three Year Old Boy Counting in 5 Languages

Our boy learned to count in five different languages during the trips we made. He is always trying to talk to people we meet and always asking for our help.  We all love to speak foreign languages to increase our travel experience.

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More Family travel videos coming soon.

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