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The Omnimundi Family.  We travel the world with luxury. We are always searching for new spots and special events round the globe over the past 20 years. My husband, my sons and I , we have visited 115 independent countries  plus some overseas territories ( Such as Tahiti,  Easter Island, Fench Antilles and Galapagos Is.). We have reached 146 world territories in total .  Brazil is our home land and we look for cultural diversity, history, gastronomy and natural beauty.
We always travel in the high-end comfort standards .  We pick the world´s top ranked 5-star Hotels, the best available Air Companies cabins, the world´s best 3-star Restaurants and the most luxurious Cars, to better enjoy whatever each destination has to offer.  And we love to share all these experiences, giving our followers valuable informations.  
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  1. Hi! A friend of mine showed your website and i was blown away! Your trips are Amazing. I wanted to ask you if you had any Facebook acount? i saw down here that you have instagram but I don’t have any instagram acount, so I wanted to see if you used Facebook as well. i would love to follow your travelings and maybe if I have a question about a country I would want to visit I could ask you.
    Have a great weekend!!

    • Hello Edwin. Thanks for your message. We will be glad to answer questions about countries, places and other travel tips. You may e-mail us at or you may also chat here in the website.

  2. Nice travel pictures! Do you always travel with kids to all these countries ? Do you work in the tourism business ?

    • Hello Nikky. Yes we do carry our children along to almost every place we visit. No, we don´d work in the tourism business and we do it just for pleasure and adventure

  3. Amazing website ! Beautiful places!

  4. Ameer

    Awesome website and travel pics.

  5. Great photos but im really wondering how can the mom have such big breasts OMG

    • Hi Camille. They grew a lot when I was 16/17. Check some of my oldest pictures on the website in Disneyland ( USA page). I was 17 there. After having my two babies the also grew a bit more. I am always on a diet to control my weight. Best.

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    my mobile is 00252634410416

  7. Hi sir I want to be a traveller of world

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  9. I want to go to Canada and look for education and marriage

  10. What a wonderful sites and tour around world. Keep doing the best works.
    We will keep looking your details and keep following you for some interesting tours. We are also looking for other tours than Everest base camp helicopter tour. Do visit Nepal again and help us to make visit Nepal 2020 a great year.

  11. I like it but I need to know how much flight from Nigeria to cypros?

    • Hello. We don´t offer any special flight promotions. Please visit KAYAK instead.

  12. With her incredible, busty figure, has the Lady ever thought of becoming a model? And what is her current job? Just a curious fan. Love all the pictures.

  13. Really nice photos and videos,my favorite is St regis resorts Maldives at 1mn49.. :) have a nice day and please continue sharing all this ..

  14. Hello my name is Somi am from Bangladesh. I wanna travel US
    Do you work for the traveling visa

    • Hi Somi
      We don´t do this kind of service
      Please conatact teh Amercian Embassy website in Bangladesh
      Kind Regards
      Omnimundi team.

  15. Unbelievable places! I spend hours looking at photos this site,specialy with this incredible curvy woman

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