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Luxury Travelers in 153 Countries

Greentings from Omnimundi Family. We are luxury world travelers , searching for new spots and special events round the globe over the past 20 years. My husband, my sons and I, we have visited 153 countries. Brazil is our home land. We love cultural diversity, history, gastronomy and natural beauty. We always choose the world´s most luxury 5-star Hotels, the world´s top Air Companies cabins, the world´s best 3-star Restaurants and some prestigious luxury Cars, to better enjoy whatever each destination has to offer. And we love to share our travel experiences, giving our followers valuable information.

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A lurury hotel in the Maldives Island photographed from an airplane travelling nearby

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A Fancy fruit basket & Champagne in a luxury resort bungalow in the Maldives Island

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Beautiful lady using a luxury silk scarf during a travel in Iran by Omnimundi Travel

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