Luxury World Travelers reached 153 Countries

Greentings from Omnimundi Family. We travel the world in luxury, searching for new spots and special events round the globe over the past 20 years. My husband, my sons and I , we have visited 121 independent countries plus some self governed territories ( Such as Tahiti, Easter Island, French Antilles and Galapagos Is.). We have reached 153 countries in total. Brazil is our home land and we look for cultural diversity, history, gastronomy and natural beauty.
We always choose the world´s top ranked 5-star Hotels, the world´s top Air Company cabins, the world´s top 3-star Restaurants and the world´s top luxury Cars, to better enjoy whatever each destination has to offer. And we love to share all these experiences, giving our followers valuable information.

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Edwin Dylian/2016
Hi! A friend of mine showed your website and i was blown away! Your trips are Amazing. I wanted to ask you if you had any Facebook acount? i saw down here that you have instagram but I don’t have any instagram acount, so I wanted to see if you used Facebook as well. i would love to follow your travelings and maybe if I have a question about a country I would want to visit I could ask you.
Have a great weekend!!

Hello Edwin. Thanks for your message. We will be glad to answer questions about countries, places and other travel tips. You may e-mail us at or you may also chat here in the website.

Nice travel pictures! Do you always travel with kids to all these countries? Do you work in the tourism business?

Hello Nikky. Yes we do carry our children along to almost every place we visit. No, we don´d work in the tourism business and we do it just for pleasure and adventure

“This is great and awesome blog. Thanks for sharing a wonderful site. I really like this post.Hey, I am so glad to read your thoughts because I really enjoyed reading this. The way you explain your travel experience is truly awesome. his is very interesting article. India is also one of the most popular destinations among international tourist.
Priya Singh/may, 2019

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