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Country:  Vietnam

Highlights:  Gastronomy ★★,  Art / Museums★★,   Historical sites ★★★,  Natural Beauty ★★,   Shopping ★;  Sports/Adventure 0,  Geographic extremes 0,  Glamour 0

When to go:  March and April

Where to go:  Ho Chi Minh and Halong Bay

Downside:  Swarms of thousands of noisy motorcycles everywhere.

Our Experiences:  Ho Chi Minh (ex-Saigon) was the center of Vietnam war. The Americans lost the last battle and fled away from the North Vietnamese invasors, that then changed the city name to Ho Chi Minh, their communist leader. There is a nice war museum, with real  war airplanes and helicopters. One of the most visited place is the Post Office. It is a 19th century french style building, that shows some of the french colonial occupation on Southeast Asia. The Vietnamese gastronomy is also interesting but doesn´t compare to other neighbours, like Thailand or China.

Curiosity. The eat dogs!

Hotels we love and recommend:  Sheraton (Ho Chi Minh )

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