Nusr-Et Restaurant with friends - Miami

St Regis Hotel - Miami Beach

A long, long time ago - Ft Lauderdale

St Regis Hotel - Miami Beach

Hakkasan Restaurant - Miami Beach

Boardwalk - Miami Beach

Germantown home during the falls

Wedding - Washington DC

Fort Lauderdale




The JW Marquis - Miami

Disneyland -Anaheim

Pompano Beach

Pompano beach

L.A. shore in the 90´s

The JW Marquis Room - Miami

Key Largo

Friends from Florida



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Country:  USA

Highlights:  Gastronomy ★★★★★,  Art / Museums ★★★★,  Historical sites ★★,  Natural Beauty ★★★★★,   Shopping ★★★★★;  Sports/Adventure ★★★,  Geographic extremes ★,  Glamour ★★★.  Other: Amsement Parks ★★★★★

When to go:   All year round fun

Where to go: Miami from December to April , NYC in mid-seasons, Las Vegas, California from May to Ocober, New Orleans during the Mardi Gras, The Grand Canyon, Dallas, Washington and Chicago. ( For Hawaii click here )

Downside:  The execess of strong industries places the same products and services everywhere. Almost nothing is local or traditional. From east to west and north to south you will eat the same food, buy the same products, buy them in the same stores and stay in the same hotel brands. Kind of boring for tourism.

Our Experiences:  We have been dozens of times to the US. Among our favourite attractions we quote: Dinning out in NYC, Shopping for fashion goods in Miami, Re visiting the museums in Washington, Driving along the Pacific Coast. Visiting friends and going to amusement parks in Orlando, Eating the best ever steak everywhere, Buying anything with the world´s cheapest price always, and using MIA airport as a hub to travel everywhere in the Caribbean. We have once visited Atlanta GA, Memphis TN, Minneapolis MN and Atlantic City NJ,  but we don´t recommend them.

Hotels we love and recommend:  The Four Seasons Miami, The St. Regis (Miami), The Marriott Marquis (Miami), The ME (Miami ), The Marriott Marquis (NY), Marriott (Washington), Hyatt (Anaheim/LA);  Marriott (Fort Lauderdale);  Marriott (Dallas); The MG Grand (Las Vegas)

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