Top 5 World class museums


1) The Louvre, Paris

This is the top of the top. Large, dense, complete and glamorous. It is also the world´s  most vivited museum, due to world´s famous artists pieces and huge archaeological collections. The most famous painting, the ” Monalisa” is here always behing a huge crowd. A one day visit is never enough.

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2) The British Museum, London

One of the most complete museums in the world with a very rich collection of historic pieces . No competitors at this point. Better to look for Egyiptian pieces here than in Egypt itself, some say. It is a true sumary of the world civilization. We recommend.

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3) The Smithsonian Museum, Washington DC, USA

It is the world’s largest research and museum complex, with 19 museums and galleries. You may found ancient and recent pieces, from history and science. Recent scientific conquests are the highlight here. Not to be missed!.

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4) The Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao.

This is something different. The big attraction is the museum building itself. It is a modern exotic architectural piece of art idealized by Frank Gehry, the has become iconic..Worth a view.

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5) The Uffizi Gallery, Florence, Italy

The name doesn´t make justice to it´s importance.  This museum holds the world’s finest collection of Renaissance pieces, ilustrating very well the importance of this period in the history of  art. All the famous names of Italian renaissabce are here, including also some pre renaissantists masters.

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