Top 5 Scenic driving routes


1) Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

White Dinaric Alps mountains meeting the blue Adriatic sea can be seen from every road turn. In a sunshine day this is the perfect Mediterranean landscape at its best. Drive in the summertime from Split in Croatia to Budva in Montenegro and take a ferry to the islands in between visiting small villages on the way. Dive in the famous beautiful Zlatni Rat beach in Brac Islad. We recommend.

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2) Banff National Park, Canada

The road from Banff to Jasper has spectacular views to lakes and snow peak mountains . There are several beautiful lakes a few minutes from the main road. Lake Moraine  has a light blue impressive and it is our Favorite, but don´t miss any of them. Visit the spectacular Columbia Glacier Best to visit during the mid seasons when it is not too cold and there are plenty of snowed peaks.

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3) Red Sea shore, Egypt

Driving in Egypt is not so easy, but the road from Taba to Sharm el Sheik is quite good. The desert seashore has dramatic rocky sceneries and the Red Sea  below  makes the contrast with its  transparent bluea waters. Find some time for diving and snorkeling there. On the way you can reach one of the oldest Christian sites, the St Catherine´s Monastery. Don´t miss the Bedoine´s Bread, best bread ever.  Worth a visit.

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4) Amalfi Coast, Italy

One of the most beautiful places on earth in my opinion. Mountains reaching the Thyrrenian Sea with tiny small villages between, Driving From Sorrento to Amalfi in such narrow roads can be challenging, but the breathtaking spectacular views are a worthy reward. Plan a summer trip. Stop by Positano shops, go down the long stairs for a dive in Praiano , climb the slopes of Ravello and don´t miss the lemon sorbet along the roads. You may get addicted !

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5) Old Russian Military Road, Georgia

Out of the path, this European country is somehow isolated from other cultures. Unique  language and alphabet are unrelated to any other. The road from the capital Tbilisi to the north leads to the Caucasus Mountains and as this is an old  military road, you´d better  rent an off-road. The landscapes are amazing and at the end you reach 5047m height Mount Kazbegi (Yes, higher than Mont Blanc which is not the hghest peak in Europe). Visit the amazing Sameba Tsiminda Church, standing on a mountain top and eat lots of local dish Katchapuri.

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