Top 5 Romantic destinations


1) Costa Amalfitana, Italy

Magnificent views of the see washing the mountain shore cut by tiny roads and charming small villages. Watch a tramonto (sunset) form a balcony drinking a lemoncello and  let your passionate heart do the rest.  A must for lovers.

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2) Cancun, Mexico

One of the preferred summer destinations. Lovers come  all year long seeking for the nice weather, the paradise beaches, the night life and the luxury hotels . Reasonable prices for such a complete destination. Good choice.

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3) Phuket, Thailand

A little bit more exotic. Thailand is very colorful and aromatic. Phuket is always happy and receptive what makes the country a nice vacation destination. Couples love the beauty and the Southeastern Asia atmosphere for spending time together away from the big cities rush.

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4) Venice, Italy

The Iconic boat travel in Venice Canals are a dream like target for Honeymooners. Venice is a classic destination for lovers since Casanova times. Best to be visit in the mid seasons with fine weather and less crowded.

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5) Niagara Falls, USA

Americans in Honeymoon love this place. The falls are impressive and the infrastructure for tourism is perfect. Chose an hotel facing the falls for maximum delight and avoid winter times when there is less water volume and more northern cold winds from Canada.

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