Top 5 Glamorous cities


1) Paris, France

The city of light can´t be beaten. Fashionable, adorned and vivid, Paris is synonymous of glamour. From the fancy Avenue Montaigne to a simple corner Café everything around will always look  elegant.  We recommend.

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2) Milano, Italy

One of world´s  fashion capital, Milano is very cosmopolitan. The Milaneses men and women are always well dressed following the recently launched fashion tendencies, with no mistakes. Fancy shops, expensive sports cars and classy monuments complements the glamorous city essence.

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3) London , U.K.

England´s capital is wealthy, organized and pompous. The monarchy gives a touch of reverence and the locals love this. The best ingredients are present everywhere, from architecture and clothes to food and drink. Wear a Suit, catch a cab, go to the theater and try your best english accent, for a complete James Bond feeling.

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4) Las Vegas, USA

Rich celebs gambling enormous amount of money and walking around in limousines is definitely not my favorite, but many people loves to be part of it. Anyway Vegas has more than that. You will find good entertainment, fancy fashion shops and starred restaurants to experience a glamorous trip.

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The most cosmopolitan place on the planet, NYC has everything. You can filter the luxury spots, visiting the world´s finest brands shops, world top cuisine, museums and good entertainment, apart from the frenetic streets rush.

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