South Korea

South Korea

Temple near Dongducheon

Imjingak park

Gyeongbokgung Palace - Seoul

Gyeongbokgung Palace - Seoul

Incheon Airport

Old Temple Ruins - Dongducheon

North Korea view

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Country:  South Korea

Highlights:  Gastronomy ★★,  Art / Museums★★,   Historical sites ★★★,  Natural Beauty 0,   Shopping ★★★;  Sports/Adventure 0,  Geographic extremes 0,  Glamour 0

When to go:  Spring or Autumn

Where to go:  Seoul and Imjingak Park

Downside:  A land of workahoolics

Our Experiences:  We were very impressed with this country. Seoul is a bustling modern capital with the best traffic infrastructure ever. After the recents FIFA Worlld Cup and Olympic games the city has upgraded all transports means including a new airport ( One of the world´s best).  Not to mention the Korea super fast developing companies are now surpassing the Americans in many consumer´s electronic technology. Amazing! We have visited many nice temples and archeological sites arround Seoul. We also went to the Imjingal Park, from where we could look at North Korea and get to know better about their recent history. We hope these people, separated by an endless political and ideological fight,  can get together again soon.

Hotels we love and recommend: Marriott ( Seoul)

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