Our rental helicopter heading for Mount Everest

a quick stop at Everest Hotel

Preparing for the high altitude

at 6000m on the slopes of the Everest

The Everest!

Mount Everest seen from our flight from Bhutan (Druk Air)

Downtown Kathmandu

Kathmandu Stupa

Hyatt Hotel, Kathmandu

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Country: Nepal

Highlights:  Gastronomy 0,  Art / Museums 0,   Historical sites ★,  Natural Beauty★★,  Shopping 0  Sports/Adventure★★, Geographic extremes★★★★★, Glamour 0

When to go:  From November to March

Where to go:  Mount Everest.

Downside: Everything, except Mount Everest

Our Experiences:  Nepal is the poorest country we’ve ever been to. Downtown Kathmandu (the capital) is a dirty crowded mess of people and vehicles jamed altogether on unpaved dusty streets. We stayed at the Hyatt Hotel, the best in town. It is a fortress of luxury surrounded by ugly buildings and slam houses. But Nepal is the Home of the Everest, the world’s highest mountain and this is the reason for us and for thousands of tourists to visit Nepal. Because we love to travel in comfort and as we are not alpinists, we rented a private helicopter in Kathmandu Airport to reach the slopes of Mount Everest. It was an incredible and unforgettable experience.  We recommend Nepal Trek Adventure tours. They offer excellent services.

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