Antigua Guatemala historic center

El Carmen church and Vulcan de Água (background)

Old earthquake ruins and Vulcán de Agua

The Marriott in Guatemala City

Guatemala City downtown

Central America iconic bus

Backstreets dangers. Detour caused by GPS setting

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Country:  Guatemala

Highlights:  Gastronomy ★★,  Art / Museums 0,  Historical sites ★★★,  Natural Beauty ★★★,   Shopping 0;  Sports/Adventure 0,  Geographic extremes 0,  Glamour 0

When to go:  From November to April

Where to go:  Guatelama City, Tikal and Antigua

Downside:  Poor country with few touristic structure. Some unsafe places.

Our Experiences:  The Capital Guatemala City, doesn´t have much touristc attractions to offer, but this is where the best international hotels are. There are some good barbecue restaurants. The best of Guatemala is history. We rented a car and we drove to the nearby city of Antigua, a well preserved colonial city once destroyed by a volcano eruption and an earthquake. It is a charming untouched Central America colonial city. A beautiful scenery with the Volcán de Agua standing just behind. The Mayan ruins at Copan and Tikal are also a wonderful treasure hidden in the forests.

PS. We´ve had a bad moment when driving our car using the GPS, that once indicated us to make a road shorcut using a secondary road. We ended up in a bad slum houses neighbourhood with some signs of armed militia and some revolutionary words. So scary! This served us as a basic lesson for how to better make a careful use of GPS´s worldwide.

Hotels we love and recommend:  Marriot (Guatemala City)

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