United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Hampton Court

Hampton Court entrance

Tower Bridge - London

The Dorchester

The Famous Waterside Inn

Waterside Inn deck

Hyde Park - London (Photo by Susan Porter-Thomas)

Gordon Ramsey Restaurant

Gordon Ramsey ´s Maze

Bath in a sunny day

West End´s evening

The Palm Beach Club in Mayfair

Windsor Castle

London Zoo.

The Dorchester

Heston Blumenthal table with friends

NIce ride in the Heart of England

Stonehendge Megaliths

Patliament view from the London Eye

Alain Ducasse Restaurant

The Thames river at Bray

Hampton Court gardens

Hyde Park sunday morning - London

Tower of London

Waterside Inn Restaurant now with a third Michelin star

Waterside Inn deck - Bray

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Country:  United Kingdom

Highlights:  Gastronomy ★★★,  Art / Museums ★★★★★,   Historical sites ★★★★, Natural Beauty ★★,   Shopping ★★★★;  Sports/Adventure ★,  Geographic extremes 0,  Glamour ★★★★★

When to go:  All year round fun

Where to go:   London in mid-seasons, Bath and Stonehenge, Bray in the Summer,  Oxford, Cambridge and Dover

Downside:  No points. But they drive in the wrong side of the streets.

Our Experiences:  England is fantastic. Incredible fancy shops, perfect services, comfortable cabs, spectacular hotels and the best food brought traditionally from the whole planet. (And then brought to my country inside my bags)  Anyone who loves shopping can´t get enough of walking down Oxford  St.  What about the dozens of theaters and music halls?  It is a highly cultured person´s paradise on Earth. We love to rent a luxury sports car to drive trough the countryside. Bray is the nearby village we love the most. Super expensive river side cottages and the best restaurants in the country. ( Check Restaurants for more )  Besides culture and luxury stuff, we also love the cicties of Oxford and Cambridge.  A day tour to the Roman ruins in the city of Bath and to the the 5,000 years old archaeological site of Stonehenge are a must. We have done this many times.

Hotels we love and recommend:  The Dorchester ( London ),  Marriott ( Mayfair-London )

United Kingdom
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