St Vasily Church - Moscow

Red Square - Moscow

Lenin tomd at Red Sq.

Archangel Cathedral - Kremlin - Moscow

The Tsar Cannon

Dormition Cathedral - Kremlin - Moscow

The stylish Eliseevsky Grocery - Moscow

Mayakovskaya Subway Station

Bolshoy Theater presentation.

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Country:  Russia

Highlights:  Gastronomy ★★,  Art / Museums ★★★,   Historical sites ★★★★,  Natural Beauty ★★★,   Shopping ★;  Sports/Adventure ★,  Geographic extremes ★,  Glamour ★

When to go:  Summer and Spring

Where to go:  Moscow and  St Petersburg

Downside:  Some tourist traps

Our Experiences:  Russia occupies a portion of Asia and Europe and it is the world´s biggest country. We got to know 12 of the ex Soviet Union Republics in Europe and Asia what make us understand the many faces of Russian past history. The Kremlin, the Red Square and the St Basils Church are a must visit. All of them very imponnent and colorful.  Very picturesque!.  Gastronomy: Unfortunately some of the traditional russian authentic recipes were forever lost. During the Soviet communist era all the royal cazarist period luxury and refinement were considered  evil stuff. The Caviar was preserved, but only from farmed sturgeons as the fishes was almost extinct. We have only been to Moscow and not to St Petersburg. We want to make another trip including St. Petersburg and the Transiberian railway.

Hotels we love and recommend:  Marriott ( Moscow )

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