Vlad Dracul castle - Bran

Beautifull Transylvania landscape

Arcul de Triumf - Bucharest

Brasov castle

Vlad Dracul castle - Bran


Palace of Parliament huge building block - Bucharest

Bucharest Marriott hotel

TRansylvania scenary

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Country:  Romania

Highlights:  Gastronomy ★,  Art / Museums ★★,   Historical sites ★★★,  Natural Beauty ★★★★,   Shopping ★;  Sports/Adventure 0,  Geographic extremes 0,  Glamour 0

When to go:  Spring

Where to go:  Bucaresti and Transylvania

Downside:  Some lack of structure and poor roads with old cars.

Our Experiences:  The main attraction in Romania is the Transylvania region. Don´t make mistake. The writer Bram Stoker ( From Dracula ) and the TV have all made us a wrong image of a mystery shadowy and scary peace of land. Transylvania is beautiful forests land with charming villages and castles. We have followed some steps of the the  famous and evil king Vlad Dracul, who afterward inspired the famous romance.  The capital Bucaresti has some communist era realism architecture buildings. Not beautiful but interesting.

Hotels we love and recommend:  Marriott ( Bucaresti )

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