Blue Lagoon - Grindavyk

Grindavik Geothermic site

Geysir at Haukadalsvegur

Bruarfoss Waterfall

Close to Artic Circle - Northern Iceland

Rejkjavik view from top

Blue Lagoon Spa - Grinda vyk

Erik the Red. First European in America ( Not Columbus )

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Country: Iceland

Highlights:  Gastronomy ★★,  Art / Museums ★★,  Historical sites 0 , Natural Beauty ★★★,  Shopping ★;  Sports/Adventure ★,  Geographic extremes ★★★★,  Glamour ★★

When to go:  Summer or mid-seasons.

Where to go: Reykyavik, Grindavik,  and Artic circle.

Downside:  The lack of plenty sunlight and ethernal dawn. The expensive services.

Our Experiences:  Iceland is a beautiful enigmatic place. The whole country population almost fits in a big stadium. There are no people around, no trees and poor sunlight. Ther are also some wild horses ( beautiful) running in the fields.  2/3 of the energy sources comes from volcanoes ( geothermic ). Everything is uncommon here. Taking advantage of all that, we stayed in a hotel bordering the famous blue lagoon, a hot geothermic lake where you can bath. It is amazing! The hotel was fantastic with a sharp architecture of minimalism and man-nature´s interaction. In October people gather to see the nothern lights, We hope to do that soon.

Hotels we love and recommend:  Blue Lagoon Hotel ( Grindavik )

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  1. I so want to go and take my family to this spa!! Lovely pics again

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