Africa coast view from Europe

Gibraltar´s monkeys

They get inside cars and steal things !

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Country: Gibraltar ( Uk dependent territory )

Highlights:  Gastronomy ★,  Art / Museums ★,   Historical sites ★,  Natural Beauty ★★,   Shopping ★;  Sports/Adventure 0,  Geographic extremes ★★,  Glamour 0

When to go:  Summer.

Where to go: The Rock

Downside:  Bad diplomatic relationship with neighbouring Spain

Our Experiences:  We were driving in southern Spain trying to find te way to Gibraltar, but there were no traffic signs. Spain hate the english presence there. Something delicate to deal with. The tiny city has an airport strip crossing the main road. So funny. From the hilltop you can see Africa, but be aware of the monkeys. There are plenty of them and they even go inside the cars stealing things. The driver in the car in front of us lost her purse to a quick smart monkey!

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