Top of the top Überfahrt restaurant- Tegernsee

...and Mr.Christian Jurgens

Tegernsee, Bavaria


The charming Heidelberg

Baden Baden

Tegernsee in winter

Beautiful day in Karlsruhe

Aachen 0 Aix-la Chapelle)

Sanssouci palace - Potsdam

Hannover Rathaus

One year waiting line. The fantastic Schwartzwaldstube - Tonbach

Breeners Park pool, Baden Baden


Oos river walk - Baden Baden

Thermes de Caracalla - Baden Baden

The famous Oscar VW Samba

The classy Brenners Park Hotel

Lichtentaler Allee - Baden Baden

Lichtentaler Allee - Baden Baden

Zwinger palace - Dresden

The medieval village of Monschau

With Monika Brant in Fibo fair - Essen

Berlin Wall

The awsome Überfahrt restaurant: At least one a year !

Tegernsee heights

Klaus Erfort restaurant, Saarbrücken

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Country: Germany

Highlights:  Gastronomy ★★★★★,  Art / Museums ★★★★,   Historical sites ★★★, Natural Beauty ★★★,   Shopping ★★★;  Sports/Adventure ★,  Geographic extremes 0, Glamour ★★★★

When to go:  All year round fun.

Where to go: Baden Baden and the Black Forest in the summer; Munich and the alps during the winter;  Heidelberg and Saarbrucken in the mid-seasons; The city of Aachen; The Rühr valley; Dresden and the city of Berlin.

Downside:  The germans may be so precise, square and correct, that sometimes it gets boring.

Our Experiences:  Germany deserves many visits for one to get to know it. It is a big land with rich old and recent historic relevance places and a high end gastronomy. Driving a fast luxury german car through the autobahns may be itself also an attraction. We love it. We have been several times to Baden Baden and Munich. Tiny lake town of Tegernsee is one of our favourites as it carries the world´s best restaurant ever. ( Check restaurants for more ). Shooping is also a special pleasure here. From homeware and food, to technology.  The city of Aachen ( Ex- Roman city Aquisgrana , Ex-French Aix-la Chapelle ) holds an enormous historic significance with it´s 800 ad church where Charlemagne, was crowned “King of Europe“.

Hotels we love and recommend:  The Brenners Park ( Baden Baden); Überfahrt Seehotel (Tegernsee / Munich) ;  Quellenhof (Aachen ) ; Marriott ( Heidelberg  and Berlin )

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