Mount Ararat view from Khor Virap

Ararat and turkish border

Roman temples - City of Garni

Geghard Monastery - 4th Century original site

The Armenian current alphabet

Downtown Yerevan

Ruins of Zvartnots Cathedral

Etchmiadzin Cathedral original site from 301 AD

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Country: Armenia

Highlights:  Gastronomy ★★★,  Art / Museums ★,   Historical sites ★★★★, Natural Beauty ★,   Shopping 0 Sports/Adventure 0,  Geographic extremes★★,  Others; Religion Pilgrimage ★★★; .  Glamour 0,

When to go:  Mid-seasons.

Where to go:  The capital Yerevan,  Khor Virap and the Mount Ararat , The Roman temple at Gani, Zvartnots and the Stone church in Geghard.

Downside:  Not yet well prepared for tourism. Poor roads and infrastrucure.

Our Experiences:  Armenia was the world´s first Christian nation, adopting it as an official religion in the third century AD.  It is also the easternmost frontier of the Roman empire. We came here tracing the early Christian history and to visit one of the oldest church buildind ( not a cavern )  ever found.  The views to the byblical Mt. Ararat ( Fron Noah´s Arch ) on the Turkish border was very illustrative. The country has also a rich culture, including  an unique afphabet and a particular gastronomy. There are very nice restaurants in Yerevan.

Hotels we love and recommend:  Marriott ( Yerevan )

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