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Omnimundi is a brand created by this Travelling Family to share family travel experiences, including  Culture, Gastronomy, Sports, Fashion, History, Beaches, Mountains and much more, spread in many years of world travelling.  A true educational ride behind the scenes in photos. A raw  compile list of friendly activities, in authentic adventures. See and discover information, conventional and unconventional , on the road covering 141 countries.  Enjoy our experiences in luxury and gourgeous places.  We are now applying for a family travel world record on the Guiness Book of Records..

The World Travelling Family.  We travel the world just for fun. We are always searching for new spots and special events round the globe over the past 20 years. My husband, my sons and I , we have visited 112 independent countries  plus some overseas territories ( Such as Tahiti,  Easter Island, Fench Antilles and Galapagos Is.). We have then reached 141 world territories.  Brazil is our home land and we look for cultural diversity, history, gastronomy and natural beauty. We travel in comfort always picking the top ranked hotels, top air carrier cabins  and top starred restaurants. We love to give  our followers valuable informations and expectations about places to visit.

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