Paro city fortress

Kira (Traditional Bhutanese dress)

Timphu, the capital


Paro Airport, the world´s most difficult airport to land jetplanes (Scary !)

The big Buddha, Timphu

Paro fortress

The incredible Pema Tshering, a disabled athlete and a foot artist

Tiger´s Nest starting point

Timphu city view

Buthanese girls gathered for see the stranger boy

Le Méridien Hotel, Paro

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Country Bhutan

Highlights:  Gastronomy 0,  Art / Museums ★★★ ,   Historical sites ★ , Natural Beauty★★★,  Shopping 0  Sports/Adventure 0, Geographic extremes★★, Glamour ★

When to go:  From November to March

Where to go:  Paro and Timphu

Downside:  Strict and excessive control over tourism

Our Experiences:  There is something different about Bhutan. The country has been for long frozen in time in the Himalayas, isolated from the modern world and untouched by human degradation. The first international airport was built only in 1983 and before the 60’s there weren’t even paved roads. Today Bhutan has incorporated the modern technologies, but it still looks like a an acient traditional society with simple values and a naïve way of living. This is the beauty of Bhutan. They are the only nation that evaluates officially people´s happiness. The building style in Bhutan  is something remakable. It is strictly preserved and very interesting. From schools to hospitals and airports, all constructions have the same Bhutanese style. Amazing!

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