Lost city of Dilmun revrealed after 4000 years

Dilmun has been linked to biblical eden

Manama skyline view from hotel

Highway to Saudi Arabia

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Country: Bahrain

Highlights:  Gastronomy ★★,  Art / Museums 0,   Historical sites ★★★, Natural Beauty ★,   Shopping ★★;  Sports/Adventure 0,  Geographic extremes 0, Glamour ★

When to go:  Winter or Falls. Totally avoid summer.

Where to go:  Manama, the capital.

Downside:   Desert climate may be annoying.

Our Experiences:  Bahrain is a rich oil based economy country.  A tiny little one. There is a beatiful skyline with modern buidings bordering the Persian Gulf. The city is a good good spot for buying gold jewelery. Near Manama lies the 4,000 BC archaeological site of Dilmun, a place known by the Sumerians. Some recent theories relate Dilmun to the ancient legend of Garden of Eden. Amazing!

Hotels we love and recommend:  Marriott (Manama)

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