The Pyramids at Giza height

Red Sea near Taba - Sinai Peninsula

Sinai desert

The oldest: Step Pyramids of Djoser - Saqqara

Beautiful Red Sea view from Hotel Room

Pharaoh´s Island - Red Sea

Boardwalk - Dahab

Bedouin woman preparing the world´s best bread

Egypt Israel border strange rules. Guns are welcome!

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Country:  Egypt

Highlights:  Gastronomy★★ ,  Art / Museums ★★★,   Historical sites ★★★★★,  Natural Beauty ★★★,   Shopping ★;  Sports/Adventure ★,  Geographic extremes 0,  Glamour ★

When to go:  From October to April. Avoid December peaks.

Where to go:  Cairo, Sakkara and the Red Sea (Taba/Sharm el Sheik)

Downside:  The bad educated and noisy people everywhere, the traffic jams in Cairo, the  bad sanitation, the beggars and the desease risks

Our Experiences:  We made two different trips to Egypt. One to see history and archaeology  a long time ago and the other more recently, to enjoy the Red Sea Beaches. We can tell that the Red sea was the best!  The huge desert ending up in a clear blue sea is a marvellous landscape. The Red Sea is a paradise for snorkelers.  And Cairo? Well, Cairo is a rough city. It is noisy, unsafe, confuse and lots of bad condition cars driven by bad educated drivers and lots of beggars following you. It doesn´t smell good to.  However there is a huge world treasure right there, that must be visited by every tourist. The Pyramids! Cheops Great Pyramid is the only anciente world´s Seven Wonders that is still standing. Spectacular ancient engennering achievment. This means we tourists simply can´t escape the fate of staying in Cairo. That´s it. The Historic significance of ancient Egypt legacy can´t be missed especially the Sphinx, the Great Pyramid and Tutankhamun mummy.  We also wanted to visit Luxor far south of Cairo. Maybe we will do that sometime.

Hotels we love and recommend:  Marriott (Cairo) and Hilton (Taba)

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